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Want to RACE?
Check out the RACE schedule, stop by Victory College, and talk to the members on how to get started. There are occasionally rental cars or cars for sale.
The the club will attempt to help new racers with the selection, purchasing and import of kit cars and spare parts.

Get your car tuned up and tuned in for the upcoming race. Check out the upcoming TRACK LAYOUT for fine tuning before RACE day.

RACE will be using a transponder system for the upcoming season. If you want to know what you need to do to prepare, what it will cost, and details on the system, check out the club's TRANSPONDER information.

Before you go out and buy those new crystals that determine which frequency you will be running on, check out the FREQUENCIES already being used in the club.

Check our "FOR SALE" page (coming soon) for cars for sale to members of the club in Egypt. Cars are not for sale outside of Egypt.

RACE Rules & Points Scoring

Outdoor Electric Racing Classes 2004

Note: class letters (A, B etc.) refer only to the order in which classes were added to the club schedule.
All electric classes limited to 6 "sub C" cells (NiMH or NiCad) Maximum. No brushless motors allowed.

No onboard telemetry systems allowed while racing!

CLASS A: 1/10 Scale Stock Touring Cars:
Touring Cars (Stock motor only) with 4 door touring car body. Any speed control, foam or rubber tires.

CLASS B: 1/10 Scale (Open)/Modified GT:
Touring Cars, Pan Cars or F1/GT (Stock/Mod motor)

CLASS C: 1/10 Scale Trucks:
Open Class (Stock/Mod motor) (Offroad/Monster/Stadium Truck or Buggy) All vehicles must jump at least one jump per lap and pass the scoring point, "on track" and in the correct racing direction. Short cutting the track, by more than 1 bend, or missing the scoring line will result in non scoring of that lap.

CLASS D: Novice Class:
1/10 (or 1/12) scale (Stock Motor) Open chassis/body style. Must be inexperienced drivers, or uncoordinated adults like me!

Outdoor NITRO Racing Classes 2004

CLASS E: 1/8 (OR 1/10) Scale Nitro "Outlaw Offroad"
Open Class Nitro Powered (Offroad/Monster/Stadium Truck or Buggy) No motor displacement limit, but no double engined trucks allowed.

CLASS F: 1/10 Scale Nitro "Onroad"
Open Class Nitro Powered (2WD or 4WD Touring Car, 200 mm chassis) .12 engines with two speed .15 engines only allowed if SINGLE speed. No TURBO engines, no engines larger than .15. Any tuned pipe.


Qualifying heats: 1 heat per class
Grid start, cars line up side by side, 4 minute duration electric (8 minutes duration Nitro). Generally a maximum of cars per class per heat. Results from the qualifying heat determine starting grid positions for finals. The top three to four cars (depending upon the total number of cars registered in that class for the day) in the qualifying heat are automatically enter "A" Main, next three to four in "B" main etc.

Grid start, 5 minutes duration Electric (15 minutes duration Nitro), cars start with 2 car length spacing with fastest car in front.. Winner of "B" main can bump up to "A" main and "C" main winner to "B" etc.


Points are awarded as follows:

Qualifying: TQ - 5 points, 2nd fastest - 3 points, 3rd fastest - 2 points, and 4th fastest - 1 point.

All drivers recieve 1 point per lap in the final events and the following points for position:

1st = 15points; 2nd = 13 points; 3rd = 11 points, 4th = 9 points; 5th = 7 points
6th = 5 points; 7th = 3 points; 8th = 2 points; 9th = 1 point; 10th+ = Lap Points Only.

Racers that bump up to higher mains can choose to keep previous scores if higher than final score.

Venue: Victory College Parking Lot.

Victory College has allowed the club access to the parking lot between 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM on Friday mornings only. The surface is fairly smooth, but dusty and dirty. Foam tires are not recommended, but treaded rubber tires seem to work reasonable well.
Drivers must show up by 8:00 to help with track set-up and register before 8:30 AM to enable an early start.


1 MODIFIED Round 1 Heats (4,3,2 & 1 as needed)
2 NOVICE Round 1 Heats
3 STOCK Round 1 Heats
4 Nitro Onroad Round 1 Heats
Add jumps.
5 TRUCK Round 1 Heats
6 Nitro Offroad Round 1 Heats
Remove jumps.
7 MODIFIED Round 2 Heats
8 NOVICE Round 2 Heats
9 STOCK Round 2 Heats
10 Nitro Onroad Round 2 Heats
Add Jumps.
11 TRUCK Round 2 Heats
12 Nitro Offroad Round 2 Heats
Remove Jumps.
13 "D" Mains as needed (Order: Mod, Novice, Stock, N-Onroad, Truck, N-Offroad)
14 "C" Mains as needed (Order: Mod, Novice, Stock, N-Onroad, Truck, N-Offroad))
15 MODIFIED "B" Main
16 NOVICE "B" Main
17 STOCK "B" Main
18 Nitro Onroad "B" Main
19 TRUCK "B" Main
20 Nitro Offroad "B" Main
21 MODIFIED "A" Main
22 NOVICE "A" Main
23 STOCK "A" Main
24 Nitro Onroad Round "A" Main
25 TRUCK "A" Main
26 Nitro Offroad Round "A" Main